Helpful Tips for Commuters to Make it Through the End of the Year

We are at a point in the semester where things are winding down and we are counting down the days until we are free for the summer. By now, you have settled into your commute, but it is always good to be reminded of some helpful tips to keep the commute easy. Based on Ashley Paskill’s article “5 Tips for Commuter Students” , here are five easy tips to make your college commute effortless.

I have summed these tips up for you below to help you push through the last weeks of school:

  1. Have conversations with your professors


If you’re having any problems with your classes, make sure you reach out to your professor as soon as you can before it’s too late! If you haven’t by now, be sure to let your professor know that you are a commuter and that you may experience some delays getting to school due to weather or traffic. They will be more understanding if you have an open conversation with them rather than not filling them in.

2. Make sure you are prepared each day


Some people may have commutes that are over an hour away. For these people, it is crucial that you make sure you bring everything you need for the day whether it’s your textbook, a pencil, or even a phone charger so you don’t have to be stressed…Off-Campus Student Services has car chargers and phone holders for commuters to make their commute all the more pleasant. Stop in to SU315 for a free giveaway!

3. Know what is happening around you

keep calm

Since you are walking to and from your car every day, make sure to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings no matter where you are on campus.

4. Manage your time appropriately



The snow is still falling, unfortunately, and the temperatures are still freezing here in CT. With that being said, if you feel it is unsafe to drive back home when there is going to be snow on the ground, make sure to leave early. Your safety comes first.

5. Keep yourself busy on campus


Since commuters usually get to campus earlier so they aren’t late for their classes, utilize this extra time by bringing assignments to work on so you can get ahead of the game before the deadlines. It will make your end of the semester so much easier.

I hope you have found these tips from the article “5 Tips for Commuter Students” helpful, and make sure you take advantage of the time you have left here of your spring semester. As always, Off-Campus Student Services is a great resource for any commuters and off-campus students who have any questions!

Jillian Collins

Administrative Assistant

Off-Campus Student Services

Paskill, A. (2015, September 8). 5 Tips for Commuter Students. Retrieved from Student Services


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