Simple Recipes for Busy College Students

If you’re anything like me, Facebook seems to have somewhat lost it’s original purpose of connecting you with your friends and family and now serves a completely new function. Food videos. Lots and lots of food videos. Whether it be during those last 10 minutes of class where you just can’t bring yourself to focus any longer or while you’re laying in bed trying to fall asleep, there’s always a new and mesmerizingly delectable video to watch.

Although, these videos may look simple in their fast-forwarded and condensed clips, the majority of them are actually far too time-consuming and complicated to successfully recreate. I know if I were to try to make the Spinach Artichoke Lasagna Roll-Ups that Tasty swears are for beginners, my kitchen would look a little something like this:


Luckily, I’ve done hours of ~intense~ research to find you the recipes that are easy enough that even the busiest, least culinary-gifted college students can make them without fail (or accidental kitchen fire).




After you test these simple recipes out, you’ll be a college-cooking pro. If you have a favorite go-to-meal, Off-Campus Student Services wants to know what it is! Take a picture of your favorite meal, snack, or treat and send it to  between now and March 3rd. Be sure to include your name, a picture of the food item, the recipe, a caption, and your contact information. We will be compiling all of the recipes to make an Off-Campus Student Services cookbook for our Healthy Living Lunch and Learn on Monday, March 27th. The event will take place in SU 104 from 12:00-1:00 pm and we will be distributing FREE copies of our cookbook!

Mary Murphy

Administrative Assistant

Off-Campus Student Services

Tasty Videos

Goodful Videos



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