Valentine’s Day Expectations vs. Reality

For us college students, Valentine’s Day is most likely going to fall short of the expectations that romantic Hollywood movies have set for us. Between class and work, there’s little time left for extravagant displays of affection or intricate dinner plans.

Expectation: Waking up to a heartfelt text from your crush finally admitting their love to you


Reality: Waking up at 6:00 am to the sound of your alarm clock going off


Expectation: Walking downstairs to find your valentine has prepared an elaborate breakfast for you


Reality: Running downstairs and only having enough time to grab a coffee and granola bar before leaving for class


Expectation: Spending the whole day with your valentine going to all of your favorite places


Reality: Sitting through 4 classes and taking 2 exams and 1 quiz


Expectation: Being showered with gifts from your secret admirer


Reality: Missing when you were in elementary school and everyone was required to give each other valentines because now that you’re in college you don’t even get a pack of candy hearts


Expectation: Going out for a romantic dinner date at a fancy restaurant


Reality: Stopping at the closest fast food restaurant on your way home from campus because you’re starving and on a strict college budget


Expectation: Ending your night at the movies watching the newest rom-com with your date


Reality:  Falling asleep 20 minutes into binge-watching Netflix and eating Ben & Jerry’s because Valentine’s Day as a college student is way more exhausting than Valentine’s Day in the movies


Although your Valentine’s Day may not consist of The Notebook worthy gestures, there are still tons of ways to make your day special right here on the UConn Campus. Be on the lookout for Hugo the Hippo handing out chocolate roses in the Student Union and around campus this afternoon! (2/14/18)

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