Community Meal Plans and Why You Should Have One

As a commuter student, you have likely realized that bringing a lunch or dinner to school every day can be difficult at times because let’s face it: some days you may forget to pack food since you’re rushing around to make it in time before your classes start, or maybe you just don’t feel like making anything. With days like these, it is important for me to share with you about the advantages of the Community Meal Plan to make your life a whole lot easier.


All students, faculty, staff and administration who are living off-campus or in the University apartment complexes such as Hilltop, can purchase this type of meal plan. It consists of a block of 25 meals for only $266.00 and can be used at any of the eight dining halls available on campus. The great thing about this plan is that if you don’t use all 25 meals in one semester, your unused meals carry into the next semester, so the plan stays open year-round. There are also no limitations to how many meals you can use each day. If you want to swipe in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can! You may also bring a guest if you choose to do so by using one of your swipes on your guest.

Another advantage of the community meal plan is that if you have the Meal Plan and use Husky Bucks in the Union Street Market, The Beanery, or any cafes located on campus, you receive a 5% off discount on any purchase! This is just one of the many benefits of purchasing a Community Meal Plan.

Purchasing a community meal plan is an awesome way to take a break from making your own meals, especially if you are on campus all day and night. For more information on this meal plan, feel free to visit the Uconn Dining Services website or visit our own Off-Campus Student Services website!

Jillian Collins

Administrative Assistant

Off-Campus Student Services

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