Career Success Doesn’t Come To You, You Go to It.

Landing your dream job or internship requires a lot of time and effort outside of the classroom. Although the information you learn in your courses is crucial, the grades you receive are only one component that leads to career success. To prepare yourself for all of the aspects that contribute to the career search, we have identified a few simple “to do’s”:

    1. Join clubs and organizations on campus. Being an active member of the larger UConn community shows future employers that you are well rounded and capable of balancing multiple commitments. The organizations that you choose to commit your time to also allow for a great speaking point to highlight your interests and passion in an interview or networking setting.
    2. Perfect your resume. Once you are involved on campus, the next step is to ensure that your resume accurately conveys the skills that you possess. Tailor your resume to the specific industry or field in which you wish to pursue a career and provide relevant examples of such experiences. Your resume must stand out in a sea of potentially thousands of applicants, so be sure to display your qualifications in a way that distinguishes you from everyone else.
    3. Use LinkedIn. With over 242 million business professionals active on LinkedIn, the website allows you to connect with virtually any company or career field that may interest you. LinkedIn provides you the opportunity to showcase your professionalism, expand your netowrk, and publish your knowledge. The content that you publish on your LinkedIn allows recruiters and other professionals to get a holistic sense of your qualifications and interests.
    4. Network. UConn offers many networking events and Career Fairs throughout the academic year. Such events allow you to meet professionals who currently work in the career field that you intend to join following graduation. These individuals can provide expert knowledge and advice to aid in your career search, and may even become an important reference for a job or internship opening. Be sure to regularly check UConn’s Center for Career Development for a schedule of upcoming events.
    5. Attend Connecting Commuters with Careers events. Off-Campus Student Services and the Center for Career Development collaborate on numerous initiatives to aid in commuter student’s career success. Be on the lookout for different events that we offer throughout the semester, such as the Transferable Skills Lunch and Learn on Thursday, March 2nd from 11:30-1:00 pm in SU 104.

Do you need help crafting that perfect resume? Are you unsure of how to fully utilize LinkedIn? Do you feel ready to start networking? Be sure to stop by UConn’s Center for Career Development located in Room 202 in Wilbur Cross for all of your career needs. A full range of the services that they offer can be found on their website. Utilizing all of the resources that UConn provides will ensure that you achieve your career goals and have long-term professional success!


Mary Murphy

Administrative Assistant

Off-Campus Student Services


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