How to: De-stress Over Thanksgiving Break


It’s officially that time of the semester when students start to get over-worked and over-tired. You’ve spent the past 12 weeks completing assignment after assignment, dedicating countless hours studying for exams, and keeping up with your extracurricular activities and other responsibilities. Although you’ve completed the majority of your work at this point, finals still standing looming ahead less than a month from now. Luckily for us UConn students, a week-long Thanksgiving break is arriving just in time for us to squeeze a little well-deserved relaxation in. Here are some helpful tips on how to spend your break de-stressing so you’ll be ready to take on the remainder of the semester when you return to campus!

    1. Take time for yourself. Is there anything that you truly enjoy doing that you just haven’t had the time to dedicate to this semester? Whether it be having a great workout, going to the movies, rediscovering your passion for photography, or even just binge-watching Netflix, set aside the time to do what makes you the happiest.
    2. Sleep. This is a given. An entire week off from the daily routine of classes is the perfect opportunity to catch up on all of those extra hours of sleep you wish you were getting throughout the semester. Sleeping until you are adequately rested will recharge your body, and allow you to return to school mentally and physically reenergized.
    3. Plan ahead. Review all of your syllabuses and take note of when your remaining assignments are due. From there, map out when and how to complete each task. By doing this, you’ll return to campus with a solid game plan to finish out your semester strong, rather than returning overwhelmed by the work still ahead of you.
    4. Laugh! You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine. Laughing is actually proven to lower the level of the two main stress hormones, Cortisol and Adrenaline. It also relaxes your body and improves the amount of air you inhale with each breath, which aids in countless body functions.* Here are a few Thanksgiving memes to get your quest of de-stress started!
    5. Be grateful. There’s no better time than Thanksgiving break to reflect upon everything that you’re grateful for. Making a list of everything that’s important in your life will allow you to clear your mind and focus on all that is good in your life, instead of worrying about the things that cause you stress


So take the time to reconnect with your family and friends this week, enjoy all of the delicious food you can eat, and do something that makes you happy. These tips will allow you to return to your classes recharged and ready to finish out this semester stronger than ever!

After break, you can also stop by Off-Campus Student Service’s office on Wednesday morning (11/30) from 9:00 am- 10:00 am for a free bag of coffee that will help you take on finals one cup at a time! (while supplies last)

* (


Mary Murphy

Administrative Assistant

Off-Campus Student Services


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