Commuter Spotlight: Hannah Ruble


Hannah Ruble, 21, Senior

Commuting from her hometown in Somers, CT


  • Why did you choose to live off-campus?

I chose to live off-campus because I only live 20 minutes away and I was able to schedule my classes for only twice a week. I felt as though I would be saving money by living at home since I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

  • In what way are you involved with the UConn community even though you live off-campus?

I stay involved with the UConn community by staying in touch with friends and supporting UConn’s sports teams. I would like to be involved with clubs as I have done in the past when I have more free time, such as the Communication Society.

  • How has living off-campus made you grow as an individual?

I feel like I have to be more responsible in creating my schedule since I need to allow time for work and school. Now that I have to drive to UConn twice a week and have class for over 5 hours a day, I really have to focus and treat school as a job.

  • What is one thing you love about being a commuter student?

I love that I can have a separate life outside of school. I work more than I have class and I feel as though school is now just a part time job instead of full time. It gives me more freedom to do things off campus that I have always enjoyed, such as yoga and going shopping.

  • If you could give any advice to a freshman commuter student, what would it be?

Definitely take advantage of being on campus while you can. Maybe some days go early and allow time to meet with teachers or your advisor, if ever needed. Also, it may be beneficial to let your professors know at the beginning of the semester that you commute since some days it might be difficult to get to campus on time with weather and traffic delays.

  • Where is your favorite place to be on campus?

My favorite place to be on campus is in the Student Union. It makes me feel like a new student at UConn since there are still so many unfamiliar faces in there at all times. I feel like a true college student when I sit in there to meet friends for lunch.

  • What are your plans/goals for the future?

My plan for the future is to graduate in the spring and move to California in pursuit of a Public Relations job in the beauty industry. I would love to eventually own my own PR firm and represent a wide variety of beauty brands.


Jillian Collins

Administrative Assistant

Off-Campus Student Services


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