The Best Places to Eat Off-Campus: As Told by an Off-Campus Student

Making yourself dinner at the end of a long day can be time consuming and frustrating, and although it may be the healthiest option, every once in a while the next best thing to do is order out at a great local restaurant. Here, in my opinion, are some of the highly rated options in the UConn area to go get some grub.

  • MOOYAH: Who doesn’t love to indulge on a nice juicy burger and some french fries every once in a while? This burger joint has plenty of choices from turkey burgers to vegetarian options, and the best part about this place is the Twoyah Mooyah every Tuesday-buy one burger get one free! You can’t go wrong here.
  •  Dog Lane Café: Do you ever feel like relaxing while sipping a nice cup of coffee after a long day before you head home, or enjoying a hot bowl of soup along with a salad? If so, this place is the spot for you. Dog Lane has a large menu with plenty of healthy salads and sandwiches and always has different daily specials. Check out the variety of tasty desserts they have to offer as well! The food is always fresh and is definitely worth your money.
  • Toast: If your classes start in the afternoon and you don’t have any desire to make breakfast, make a trip to Toast! They have a different flavored homemade jam every day to go on freshly made toast of all kinds, and you will not be disappointed with how this amazing breakfast food tastes. If you go during the week it will be less crowded, but make sure to go early to avoid the crowd if you go on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Blaze Pizza: All it takes is putting whatever your heart desires on your pizza, 180 seconds in the brick oven, and heaven will be waiting for you right there. It’s quick, easy, and delicious! The s’mores treat Blaze offers is also mouthwatering…they even put it in the oven to heat it up for you!
  • Chucks Steakhouse and Margarita Grill: After a long day of work, why not get your friends together and enjoy some chips and salsa? Chucks is an awesome environment located 10 minutes away from campus with great food of all kinds. Reminder: every Wednesday is college night! Show your waiter your school ID and it’s buy one entrée get one free!

These are just a few options for off-campus and commuter students to indulge in great food. As a reminder, all of these restaurants besides Chucks Steakhouse and Margarita Grill accept Husky Bucks. Treat yourself, you’ve earned it!


Jillian Collins

Administrative Assistant

Off-Campus Student Services


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