Commuter Spotlight: Andrew Pantason



Andrew Pantason, 21, Senior

Hunting Lodge Apartments

Why did you choose to live off-campus? I decided to move off-campus after my sophomore year because I was ready to take on more responsibility and extra freedom. I wanted to have the experience of truly living on my own before graduating so I could start to get used to real world day-to-day activities, like cooking and cleaning for myself.

In what way are you involved with the UConn community even though you live off-campus? Living off campus has actually boosted my on campus involvement. It makes me excited to come to school and get involved. I am a part of the UConn Triathlon Club Team and am heavily involved in the co-ed business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. Through these organizations, I’m able to be active not only on campus, but also active in the community through the community service events that we organize.

How has living off-campus made you grow as an individual? I have learned how to be more responsible and take charge of my life. No longer having unlimited access to dining halls has taught me the importance of preparation with grocery shopping and learning how to cook for myself. Cooking is hard…smoke alarms can be sensitive. It has also prepared me to get comfortable with paying my bills, which is an especially huge responsibility following graduation.

What is one thing you love about being a commuter student? DINING HALL SWIPES. Man, was I wrong about the dining hall when I still lived on campus. UConn Dining Services chefs are wizards. It’s key to have friends who still live on campus when you get too busy to cook for yourself.

If you could give any advice to a freshman commuter student, what would it be? Become an accountant…. and if that fails have fun and enjoy yourself! Get involved on campus early on and meet the other students who live on campus. Everyone is super inviting. Most of the time, the people you meet on campus during your freshman and sophomore years are the people you decide to move off-campus with as an upperclassman!

Where is your favorite place to be on campus? Well, when I’m not studying for accounting in Homer Babbidge Library, I love to hang out in North residence halls. I have so many great memories there and it’s nice to reminisce while helping my underclassman friends be successful students!

What are your plans/goals for the future? I’m really passionate about accounting and plan on pursuing my Master’s degree next year before starting full-time with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Boston! I’m really excited for what the future holds since I believe that UConn and my experiences while here have prepared me very well for it.


Mary Murphy

Administrative Assistant

Off-Campus Student Services


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