Commuter Spotlight: Natalie Fresher








Name, Age, and Year: Natalie Fresher, 20 years old, Senior

Distance From Campus: 2 miles

Why did you choose to live off-campus? “I moved off-campus for the first time last year, which prompted me to continue to stay off-campus for my senior year. I first made this move to feel more independent as well as to be more comfortable with my own furniture and own area. Moving off campus also allows me to have my own bedroom and bathroom, which you can’t have in the traditional dorms on campus so it was a really easy decision for me.”


In what ways are you involved with the UConn community even though you live off campus? “I am still very active within the UConn community. I work with the Athletic Department in Operations, so I work a majority of the sporting events on campus, which allows me to see how our sports teams are doing. This also allows me to promote the games and get other off-campus students to come to different sporting events. I also work with Husky Sport, which is for transporting students to Hartford and working with different schools and after-school programs to work to facilitate positive, sustained, and reciprocal relationships between members of the Hartford North End and the UConn communities.”


How has living off campus made you grow as an individual? “Living off-campus has allowed me to mature in a way that I do not think I would have if I were living in a dorm. I have become more responsible and self reliant since moving into an apartment and now a house. On top of that I have learned self-discipline because it is very easy to get distracted when you are living off-campus, instead of living in a dorm right in the center of campus with resources right at your finger tips like the library for example.”


What is one thing you love about being a commuter student? “I love having my own space inside my house that I currently live at. It is not too far from campus but it is not too close. Being able to put up whatever I want on the walls creates a very personal space that I get to live in during my college years. I love that even though I do commute I am still able to keep that sense of community I have created at UConn with me.”


If you could give any advice to a freshman commuter student, what would it be? “Get involved on campus as much as you can! Whether it is joining one of the many clubs on campus, getting a job, or being apart of a community outreach program. Through these different things you can create your own community campus even if you are not living there.”


Where is your favorite place to be on campus? “I love to hang out on the quad in front of the student union when it’s nice out, and then inside the Student Union where all the sofas are when it’s cold out. My go-to place to study is in the upper floors of oak hall where it’s very quiet and much less crowded than the library.”


What are your plans/goals for the future? “I hope to finish up my classes in May 2017, and do a summer internship within the sport industry. I am not sure where life will take me after that. I want to work within a company that promotes youth development through their participation in sports. I am currently applying for internships with ProCamps and Silver and Black Give Back, which is a nonprofit partner with the San Antonio Spurs.”


Jillian Collins

Student Administrative Assistant

Off-Campus Student Services





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